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Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Creations

I am so ready for spring and anxious to make all my creations I have in my head.  Since I have finished my sewing room, it's my new place to retreat and hide.  My husband now is relegated to watching TV by himself, but since he's getting so much better, he's now doing more projects himself.

I have finished almost all of my mending and alterations that were needed.  It feels so very good to finally have everything done and out of the way mentally so I can focus on my new projects.  I just finished a new spring wrap dress that is so retro with a modern twist.  My husband loves it, and I was especially pleased that my daughter did also, to the point that she wants one as well...

Here Molly the Mannequinn is modeling it for me, waiting for me to finish the hem.  Isn't is adorable.  What I love about this dress besides it being so springtime, is the unusual wrap style.  The front sides goes into the back and hooks hiddenly inside the back. 

It's hidden in the fact the back then zips up over the hooks keeping them from exposure, and then the back has an extremely wide and long sash that comes up the front and wraps overlapping each other twisting and wrapping to the back to be tied.  It is slimming due to the wrapped and twisted sash, along with the full flowing skirt. 

The necklace is the new one I finished a couple weeks ago that actually I was not sure about until I put it together.  The green beads were ones I have had for awhile and was not using because I really did not like them.  But you know how sometimes you wake up and you have this idea in your head that you want to try.  That's what happened, I fell in love with the combination of colors and the bead textures.  Putting it together with the new dress just makes it pop.

So now I am on this creative mission.  With all the chaos I have had over the last six months, I guess the creative juices are just flowing with new ideas.  My next project is this cute denim dress that is fitted on the top with a gathered skirt.  The top part buttons up the front and I found the cutest buttons I want to use to dress it up.  They are Crystal Damond Stud Shank back buttons, and I think it will make the dress just stand out.  I am starting it today, so I will post it once it is completed.

I am also challenging myself with some lingerie.  I have always wanted to make my own, and never had the inner self confidence to do it.  But my husband asked me recently what new things I would like to try, and that was one of them.  He always encourages me to push thru those inner fears and had me go get some material and patterns to make some.  In fact what I want to do is post my challenge on that and let you readers tell me what you think.  I am excited, but I do want to finish my dress first so I can get the courage built up...

I love retro styles and came across a real find about 8 months ago at a local thrift shop.  I saw a box of donated goods behind the counter and it appeared to be a box of patterns.  So I asked if they were going to be putting them out soon.  He informed me that they do not sell those and was going to toss the entire box..... My heart just sank.  I asked him if I could have them since he was throwing them out, and he actually gave me the entire box.....  It was the biggest find ever.  They were all retro patterns from the 40's & 50's, in there original packaging.  Best of all most of them were in my size or close enough to my size that I can use them. 

I still am in shock, to have such a deal.  I have used a couple so far, but my goal is to make each and every one of them.   One in particular is so cute, I cannot wait.  It has a petal pusher jumpsuit, with a detachable full skirt that is open in the front.  It is adorable, and would be so cute to wear for a spring/summer picnic or patio/pool party.  And by the way, we will be having those this year now that my husband is feeling so much better.  And part of his continued rehab is WATER THERAPY !!!!  Isn't that a shame !!!!   I am just so happy.  I will be posting some pics from those later this spring/summer, so be on the lookout.

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