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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pictures Pictures Pictures

I promised more pics for everyone, here is the family I made the tuxedo shirts for and resized her gown down 2 sizes in the top, everyone looks so adorable, and as you can see the parents are so proud and having such a good time....Are two little ones adorable or what?  They look like they are having such a hard time sitting still for this picture, I sure remember those day's of long ago....

Has anyone had the opportunity to purchase this new sewing book of pattern construction, I just received my copy and I am taking it with me next week to spend time with my girlfriend away from our husbands.  So we are going to do what girls do best and chill.  We are looking forward to sitting, reading, sewing, jewelry making and just having a good time.  She is flying out to take her mother for her 2 times a year visit away with family.  She is so awesome in that she flies from NJ to CA to take her 87 year old mother to a time share and invite all her siblings who want to join her and they all just spend time with "MOM".  Isn't that just wonderful.  She is so good to her, it makes me feel so guilty as I haven't been able to go spend time with my own mother since I was taking care of my husband and many other's that have needed me.  Now I am too spent to go, so hopefully I can plan something next year... 

But she has invited me to come along since it's close and I can just sit and relax with her.  I am so looking forward to the visit and the chance to get away.  Especially to do some uninterrupted fun things I enjoy for myself.

So while I am gone I will also upload some of the more recent projects I have finished as well as any new ones I am able to accomplish.  When I get back I have to work on my surprise present for my husband, as our 40th anniversary is this year, and I have decided to redo his workbench area in our garage.  Since his surgeries he has wanted to get out there and do some fun projects for himself or help me finish some I want to get done, but his work area is much too difficult for him to work with.  So I found some workbench plans and sent them to my son who is rebuilding a workbench seat that not only will be great for him to sit at but also functions as a great storage seat for all the little things he has a hard time storing and getting too,  here is a picture of what I am having done for him, I can't wait.

As you can see by the pull out storage, I am actually going to cover the top with some foam and vinyl for him to sit and be able to work at his workspace, then the little shelves will be mounted at a better level than the current storage he has of peg board and hooks.  I think he will be very happy, as I am NOT disturbing any current organization he has, just making it a bit better for him.

And he will NOT have a clue as I am redesigning my laundry space which is opposite of his workbench in the garage, by painting the walls and adding some cute personal family photos in black & white, then I can complete the look by doing the same over his work space.  My son has it all planned out, as he is building all the items at his work, so nothing will be revealed until the day of our anniversary, as my husband already has made dinner reservations at the best place in town we have wanted to go to for 20 years.  While we are gone, my son and other children will all come over and finish the transformation so when we pull back into our garage after dinner we will be able to reveal his surprise... 

Well off I go to another day of projects and finish up some small alterations for clients, until tomorrow, everyone have a great day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Cute

I know I have been quite absent for a bit, but I have so much to catch up on and will be sharing with all of you over the next few posts....

The latest project I just finished is from a new client who needed a gown resized for a formal function her church was putting on and she asked for matching tuxedo shirts for her husband and two small boys...  Whew, alot of work but I loved how they turned out.  I am the happiest ever tho, as the shirts fit perfectly and the client was so happy.  I just love how little boy's clothes can be so cute !!!  Don't you agree?

I am still waiting for an upload of pictures from her of them all dressed up as a family at her funcion, so as soon as I get them I will upload them for all to see...

I used a standard dress shirt pattern for each size, added the ruffles she wanted on the front of each.  The pattern I used for the men's shirt was a vintage pattern passed on to me from a friend that no longer sew's, I just love using older patterns, they are so fun....  I can't wait to see this client again, as she has another project for me to make a retro dress for her Thanksgiving dinner.  I have several of them, but she is just checking out some other's first, so once we decide on that, I will be sharing as well yet another project.

But here is a pic of the two boy's shirts finished hanging up.  Are they not the cutest ever?