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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am still in shock!!!!
I was featured in our local paper a week ago!!!!

This weekend, one of my friend's came up to me and said she really enjoyed my piece in the paper.  I was speechless, and did not know what to do.  
She said it was in the Sunday paper, and even had pictures of my new
sewing room.

Okayyyyyyy,  I am in shock!!!!!
So of course I could not wait to get home and look at it myself.  And since my husband never throws anything away, we still had the feature sitting right in my front room next to his chair in the magazine rack.

After some time getting past the shock still, I remember him giving me an article over a month ago that the paper was looking for short articles that describe a makeover you did or a project that failed that you attempted.  He knows how I enjoy writing and entering featured events.  So of course I did.

But what shocked me was that I never received anything from them saying I was going to be featured.  It's amazing, I really really am quite pleased.

Here's the link just in case you are inclined to see it for yourself.   http://www.sacbee.com/2011/04/16/3548353/tell-us-about-it-041611.html

Who know's it may actually bring me some additional clientele, which I could really use.  But it may be a good thing since my husband is still at home, I can't seem to get into a routine nor keep up daily with normal activities.

Perhaps I can get some input from you,  please let me know how do you manage getting things done when your man is home?  Or do you?  Let me know either way.

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