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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something New - Something Blue

I am so in love with Spring, as it get's my physical juices going after a long shut in winter.  Not only am I becoming more creative, but I am loving the new workspace to use that energy in. 

So my new project I just finished is my new Blue Dress.  You tell me what you think.  I have this date this weekend, and after 8 months with being shut in with my Boyfriend - Husband, we are so ready to get out and enjoy being with our friends.

Since I posted the first Spring Dress, and now finishing my second one, I had to ask "which one do I wear?"  for our special Date.  So far it's very hard to pick, as I love both of them.  So I need your help.

There is so much I love about both of them, and the previous post on the floral Spring dress, I mentioned what I liked about it.  But this one, again Retro, I am in love with the material.  It's duponi silk, which is amazing anyways, but the color is to die for.

It zips on the side, and I chose to make it with the sleeves, so I can wear it in the evening without having to have a sweater or wrap.  The material is light enough with the sleeves to not be overly warm. 

The pattern called for the skirt to be gathered, but I wanted it more simple and elegant, so made pleats instead.  And being the modest person that I am, I needed to make the front a bit more dignified and added an insert for the deep plunge.  It keeps the look a bit more modest and I don't have to worry about having a conversation with someone and exposing myself.

The necklace I made about a month ago, matched perfectly, don't you think.  I actually have so many options to make it dressy or more casual by the accessories I wear.

Notice the waistline, it's fitted, which gives a more slimming look.  And by the way don't we all need the most slimming help we can get?  I do, so those that don't, please don't leave a comment, as that is just not fair. 

I love my new dress, so let me know.  The floral or blue dress for this weekend???  I am waiting for responses.  In fact I may post a finished picture of myself in it, who knows, I may get brave. 


  1. They are both pretty! I personally like the floral one but I am sure it depends on where you are going. Great job!

  2. Very nice!


  3. You did a great job on both, but I think the pretty blue one would be nice. I remember when I used to make most of my own clothes, but now I am getting my sewing mo-jo back finally. I commend you on being so modest about the neckline, I am the same way!

    Found you through the Sew Darn Crafty link, so I hope you'll come over to visit me soon.


  4. NIce job on your dresses! I'm looking to beef up my wardrobe, so thanks for the idea!


  5. they are both adorable, and you would look smashing in either one. but I would say, blue if the date is at night and floral if the date is day time! Have fun!