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Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's amazing how far I have come from the beginning of sewing.  And by this I mean even using the basics of what is needed to be a seamstress and make clothes.  When I first started, I was just a very young teenage girl, and money was tight.

So making garments was a real challenge since you cannot make anything without the basics.  That means even having a supply of "Thread".  I made sure everything was made either with white or black thread as that was all I had.

The first real outfit I ever made was with a pattern and some fabric my brother's bought me as a gift, so I could make a new outfit for my first date with my now boyfriend/husband of 40 years this year.

Ok, I must get back on track, what was I talking about?  Oh yea, Thread.....
I never even realized that different types of thread were important until my husband purchased me a new embroidery/sewing combo machine 2 years ago.  All of a sudden I was thrust into a whole new world.

I mean, really, thread is thread RIGHT ????  At least that is what I thought.  UNTIL .....
I was educated on the importance of the right threads for the machine.  Then I discovered how important certain threads were to a beautiful embroidery design.  Now Thread is such a huge decision.  I mean huge !!!!

             But it's also why I was so excited about making my thread displays.  I did not just want to put them up on the all or on the table.  I wanted to show them off like they should be shown off.  I wanted to make them have their own special place in my sewing studio.  I wanted everyone who came into my space to know how important I took my work, by using the best notions possible. 

I know other's like me are out there so please let me know how you display your thread, and why you feel your's is important to you.

I have come a very long way and because of this newer knowledge I am so very proud of my work.  But it's also amazing how giddy I get when there is a great sale on the better thread.  Personally I use Gutermann thread for most of my Dressmaking.  But I am also so drawn to Madeira & Mettler. 

What thread do you use ? And how do you store your's?   I love to hear from other's not only because I like sharing, but I learn so much from other's who also have picked up little treasures along the way.  I also have many other notions that play such a key role in making sewing easier and another post will feature them, but for today it's all about Thread.


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