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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Projects

I have been away from posting for some time now. I have had so many things to focus on. But I finally think I can update my creations as well as my projects.

My most current creation I am starting today is one I have set aside for over two years. We have been updating our cozy home over time and we only have one major room to renovate and that is our kitchen. I will make a separate post with pictures of all my ideas for my new updated kitchen. The task I took on today is just a part of my finishing touches. Not only is my goal to update and make my house fresh but also to make my home more organized.

I have used much larger clear hooks for different projects like keeping keys handy. This set of clear hooks by Command are very small. My project on hold was to create a station for my jewelry as well as making the station a part of my decor. I had purchased a mirror at a discount store for less than $25. So once I have this task complete I will post completed pictures of it with my jewelry in a new decorated location.

This is what I bought to work on my creation

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Changes

Whew !!!!  it's been a very long year.  If anyone remembers, I aided my husband through 3 major surgeries last year.  He had both knees replaced and his left hip.  He has finally been back to work now and catching up on his stamina.  He is my new bionic man....

In the meantime I worked on perfecting my jewelry making techniques and skills, along with making a new website.  Here are a few pics of some new creations.  I am really enjoying making accessory pieces to go with my outfits, or for others.  My daughter wears all my creations, and is getting me orders now.  I still am working on alterations, and have several customers now that are regular.  I really want to continue with the blog to provide some tutorials for all my projects either sewing or designing some accessory pieces.  So hopefully you will continue to take a peek, and I can inspire others to share as well....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A FULL Life !!!!

It has been a bit over a year since I have posted anything, but I am finally back.  I am so ready to daily provide insight on my projects.  If you have been directed to my blog through a search engine, please feel free to visit my other pages to learn a bit more about me and my family.

Many have enjoyed my blog on the reorganization of my sewing space into a new and modern sewing studio.  My husband surprised me with the project while he was off for some surgeries.  My oldest son is a construction contractor, so he provided all the construction services.  You may find the post here.   

So getting back to my long break due to my husband having three major surgeries in 6 months.  He had both knees replaced, his third surgery being his left hip replaced.  His surgeon having 35 years of these surgeries and chief of orthopedics, said it was the first time ever in their HMO to do such three in a row.  Most patients want to spread them out.  But "Nooooo" said my husband, he wanted to get them all done together so he could get them done and get back to work.  Most patients need at least 6 months of getting their rehab and strength back.  My husband is a mean machine, now my bionic mean machine.   He is one tough cookie.  We were fortunate in that this HMO group and our coverage offered his rehab right in our home and I never had to pack him up in the car to do his daily routine.  We had nurses and physical therapy come several times each week.  I am so very very grateful as the job I had of being the caregiver was huge, and they certainly made my job so much easier and fulfilling.  He has recovered quite well, and back to work.  He has been at the same employer for over 30 years and they are amazed at his recovery and how much better he is able to maneuver the plant.  Thanks to everyone involved.

I also took advantage of my caregiver duties, which involved a lot of just comfort and companionship. This gave me lots of time to work on some projects that I could do while being with him.  I really enjoyed my projects and improved a few details.  I really enjoy designing jewelry pieces and finally through my daughters efforts many are requesting purchases.  I have also designed and uploaded a web page on my own.  I never thought I could get to this point, so I am very excited.  But nothing beats my blog page for just expressing myself and sharing my hobbies.  I will be sharing some of my techniques.  I just love matching an accessory item to go with a new outfit.