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Monday, April 18, 2011


What would life be like without something to look forward to.  Be it either an upcoming event, new surroundings, refreshment, or updating your space......

It is finally here, my weekend to get the sewing room finished, and also at the same time to move our entire house into the sewing room, kitchen and garage.  My husband and I decided after the floors turned out so nice in the sewing room to also finish the rest of the house floors.

We have had carpet the entire time we have lived in our home, for 34 years, knowing we had original wood floors underneath.  But raising kids and at the time carpet was the modern thing to have in your home.  And since my husband  has been bound to the house for the last 6 months, he has been watching not only sports, but also the HGTV shows that highlight remodeling homes and purchasing new homes

.  In the process it has aided him to see how important it is to keep your home updated and  somewhat what trendy.  Most of all what stuck with him was how much updating your home with new flooring not only adds value, but more than anything aids in keeping your home healthy.  By healthy I mean it   

This not only aids in keeping your home's value but also makes it easier to maintain your home's structure.  By masking or hiding areas that you just don't want to put the money into, it really begins to deteriorate in certain areas making the home not only look outdated but also lose value.

So finally after all these years he as succombed to the pressure of everyone who has tried to convince him that wood floors are so much better and nicer looking.  He loves coming home, taking off his shoes and socks to roam the house with the comfort that carpet brings.  He has flat feet, and is more sensitive to harder surfaces.  So this is such a huge sacrifice he is making for me.  And I am so very appreciative.  What a wonderful man.

  I can't wait for the final reveal of the finished rooms.  Here's some shots of before and during the preparation of our home. 

This is our only room that for years was unidentifiable.  It was supposed to be a formal dining area, but we are NOT formal eating people.  So really it was just an extension of our living room and the only outlet to our patio/backyard oasis.

 Immediately after becoming empty nester's, we purchased these two seating units, but right after using them we realized they were NOT what we wanted.  So we lived with them for a couple of years, and because they were not what we wanted to live with long term, we did not do any decor to speak of.

Now this is our new and updated sofa sectional, that I proudly can say I am in LOVE with.  It not only is comfortable but so so - me !  I now have made the house according to all our friends a little mediterrean/minimalist.  I have accented with Red drapes, along with other accents with Red & Gold. 

We have removed the coffee table to allow the room to be more open and inviting, so I will be doing another blog with updated pictures.

If you look closely at both pictures, you can see the lattice work divider has been removed and my handy dandy carpenter son, made the opening with updated arches above the entry, which really updated the enterior of the home immensely.

But as you can see on the carpeted area where it once existed, we had a strip of exposed hardwood flooring until the carpet was torn up and removed completely.  I hated having anyone come over for fear they would think we wanted it that way, oh my !!

And as you can see our little child left with us to raise "Misty", sits in her favorite spot.  She has a special friend "Ned" the squirrel who constantly during the day runs along the fence line that she waits for. 

Just another view of our carpet.

So tomorrow I will be posting all the new updated views of our home with the floors redone and making an incredible difference.

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