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Saturday, April 9, 2011

From Old to New

I owe a huge apology to everyone, since I am still learning the best way to create a blog and have readers "want" to be a follower.

 "The Reveal" post, I failed to really share pictures of my room before the makeover.  Since we are now empty nester's, we took over the rooms that was our children's.  One room is an office that my husband & I share.  My husband does alot of telecommuting before and after work and needed a proper workspace.  I use my desk area for keeping up with all the bills and yearly tax papers.  I will do a post on that room at a later time. 

But my new sewing studio before was quite a mess.  No matter what I did, it was in constant chaos and never looked professional.  I had a collection of items that did not match and had a huge lack of proper storage. 

Since my husband was off work to have three major joint replacements, he had plenty of time to see what my needs were.  He sat me down one day to surprise me that he wanted to remake the room into a real professional looking sewing studio.  Since I have a small business out of my home for alterations and dressmaking, I really needed a workroom that looked professional to bring clients into.

I was so excited, it was the best surprise he could offer me.  To have my own room designated just for that, was needless to say a "dream" come true.  Here is my workspace before and after.

As you can see from the before, there is lack of light, and no real workspace for the sewing area.  It was an old desk I had previously in my office so I only had two small drawers and very little work area since my sewing/embroidery machine is somewhat large.  But my new work area utilizes the corner in the room to the fullest and also gives me additional drawer storage space.

We pulled up the carpet first since I knew we had original hardwood floors underneath that had never been exposed.  I wanted to have hardwood floors to make cleanup easier and to update the room in a more modern appeal.  I found out how much the floor bounces off outdoor light as well as bringing a better light appeal by updating the walls with the light buttercream color. 

I just never realized how much light it would bring until after it all was done.  I can't seem to come out of this room now.  It is so soothing and helps bring out my creative juices.  Now some other changes that made this room so useful.

The opposite corner was being totally underutilized.  I had this additional hanger bar for clients garments.  And as you can see on the floor the items I had no where to store.  I did not have anywhere to lay out material and cut  patterns.  But now I have this awesome cutting corner along with an enormous amount of storage for patterns, material, and other hard to store items.  Making this room just the best model ever for storage. 

Next was the closet, making it to have the storage needed with available hanging storage as well.  The new closet storage is awesome, all the stacked pillows are gone now having been used for a client.

I just love how everything came together and is so functional.  I feel like a queen in her new domain.  There is still little things I am working out and getting organized, but everyone that comes over is amazed at the transformation.

Hopefully I have inspired others with some of my little ideas.  Let me know if you would like to see something specific highlighted that we came up with, and why is has added so much more to my organization.

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  1. I've worked out of my home for years and I agree - there's nothing better than having your own workspace, and having it organized! Congrats!