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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Light Please !!!

Spring is certainly in the air, just browsing around and looking at everyone's little projects makes your head swim.  I still have little details to finish my sewing studio.  My husband came to me with yet another little surprise for me.  He could see I needed a bit more light over my sewing & cutting areas.  I was not complaining, but what the hey, I am not turning down some extra's.

So my head started swimming yet again.  Of course if I was going to put lights in, I wanted them to add a bit of pinache' to the decor.  I am very happy with just normal can lights over the direct sewing & serging areas.  But to finish up the look over the cutting area, I thought it would be so cool to add a bit of style. 

So off I was into the internet clouds again to scour a look that just popped out to me and said "This is it!"  I found it.  I saw these mini crystal chandelier's, that are just awesome.  So after presenting my idea to him, of course at first he was "Really?"  But he knows me, that once I get something in my head that is going to work, I am not about to go another route.

So I cannot wait to get them and have them installed, they are going to be the absolute finishing touch to that room.  Once I get them up, I will have new pictures to share.  Yippee !!!

So what do you think?  Oh well, even if you don't like them, I know I will, but it is nice to hear what other's think, so let me have it.

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