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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I think it's finally time to introduce all of my blog pictures.  I am sure many of you wonder why I even would put pictures into my blog title.  But they all play an important part in my daily life and have special meaning.

I would have two more pictures, but they are of my dear friends who live far away, and they know who they are, and the special bond we have.

My mother-in-law and her best friend of over 38 years are two very special people.  They are both widows and now are closer than ever since they share similar circumstances.  We call them the "Bobsy Twins".  They are inseparable, even tho they live in their own homes.  My mother-in-law is on the right, Marge her best friend on the left.  This was taken the week after my father-in-law passed away, and I took them on the train to visit my daughter's then boyfriend.  It was a 7 hour train ride and they loved it!  They had never been on a train before, and it was really what she needed.  We had such a good time all of us girls together.  You can see the special bond they have in their faces.

She is very special in that she is such a strong woman, surviving 10 major surgeries, within them breast cancer twice in 50 years.  She is dignified and will not lay down and give up for anything.  She provided such a fine example for me in providing care for her husband as well with his knee replacements and surviving two strokes.  She never ask for help nor allowed anyone to come in and take over what she felt was her role. 

When I got married over 39 years ago, I moved away from my own family and she became my mentor.  I married young and had not yet accomplished all the skills necessary to be a complete wife.  But she took over and with her help allowed me to grow and become the domesticated woman I am today.  I am very proud of that, as I love being domestic.  Whatever that means!  

To me it means " Martha Stewart " move over !!!!  I am ready to rock & roll.  I can accomplish any domestic challenge you can throw at me with dignity and pride.  I know there are alot of you out there like me.  

But on with my mother-in-law.  She is quite a woman and still rockin' herself, everyday out doing something with her best friend, and I am proud to have her in my life. 

The next picture is of my daughter with her best friend Savannah.  I am proud to have her as an additional daughter so to speak.  Her mother left when she was just entering her teen's and had been a part of our life since very young childhood.  So of course when her mother left she ask me to be her substitute mother.  I proudly accepted, altho I already felt I was.  She has grown up to be an incredibly strong young woman now, married and growing all the time.  She loves life and as you can see by the picture, feels my daughter is her real sister.

Next my Son & daughter-in-law who moved next door to us, and how happy I am to have them so close and get to know my daughter-in-law better. They help us immensly and make life so much fuller.  More than anything I am learning so much from my Ariana (dauther-in-law) than I ever thought I would.  She is a DIY, Thrift Store Queen, and can make the most simplest things look elegant.  She is a master at taking life by the horns and controlling whatever challenge is given her into a win win situation.  They are perfect together and are always up for new and interesting ideas.

Now my daughter is married and I am so happy for her.  My new son-in-law (Shannon) is a real treat.  He's so easy going and just deals with whatever life throws at him with ease and patience.  He is perfect for my daughter since she is always on the go and always ready to have fun.  He is her mellow side and since they have been married, he has brought calm to her daily life.  This shot is from their Honeymoon their first breakfast together, all alone and so happy.  He completes her, and makes her smile all the time.

Our newest addition is Isaiah.  What a treat he is, and such a combination of my daughter and son-in-law.  He is the happiest baby, loves attention and will do whatever to get it.  He never cries unless he is hungry or wet, so he makes you just want another one.  But we won't push that idea, since I want to enjoy every moment I can with him now.  Isn't he just adorable?  Here he is right after bathtime, another of his favorite things to do.  He is ready to tell you all about his bath with such eagerness.
At last is me & my Best Friend for Life, my Boyfriend of 40 years this year.  He is more than I ever could have imagined in a companion.  We met as teenagers, and I must say, I was smitten.  I was shocked when he moved back home after meeting me one summer visiting friends in our small midwestern town, that he wrote to me.  Not only occasionally, but every day for months, then to only surprise me with airplane tickets.  I came out to meet his family and it was history from there on.  I never went back, we got married 6 months later.  My life is one that many dream of having, and I feel so blessed.  We are inseparable still, and looking to retirement together having more fun makes me giddy.  He helped me grow from a midwestern naive young girl to a self-confident strong woman, able to accomplish anything with dignity and pride.  Oh how I love him....   

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