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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sewing is truly a passion for me that just never stops.  We all have something that brings us an inner joy, peace, calm, and just plain pleasure.  Why sewing is that for me, I cannot say, but I remember from a young girl I wanted to sew more than anything.  And that feeling has not stopped.

Every time I finish a project I am just so excited, that I created something just for me, with my signature on it.  Something different than everyone else.

Here is my latest creation, I have had so many items that have been cut out for over a year now.  Remember I had a sewing area that did not have sufficient storage nor an environment that just made me want to sit and sew.  So now since everything is back into a space that just screams at me, I cannot stop pulling out yet another gem that has been sitting waiting for me to finish.

I am working on yet another piece as I sit and put this blog together, but here is the one I finished yesterday.  Actually it's two of them I cut out the same pattern for at the same time, so I decided to sew them up at the same time.

I really am in LOVE with the wild blue one.  It just seems like a fun little dress to wear either out with my husband wine tasting or just a nice springy day, and he really likes the floral one.  He loves spring flowers and the more color they have the more he likes them.

This is another what they call a retro pattern, which at first I fell in love with the style, but was not sure of the fit.  I love how it all pieced together.  It actually is a very easy pattern to use, so if you are a beginner or somewhat new at sewing, it is very easy to do.  I also put together with my husband's input a necklace to go with it.  I love how it turned out, don't you?

Now that it's done, I have some pieces of material that I was not sure what to utilize with.  Now one piece inparticular, I am going to use for this pattern.  Not only easy to make, but a very comfortable dress to wear especially as a casual dress.

So come back for yet another dress finished.  What I just love about visiting different sites for sewing, is that it gives you an idea of what a pattern will look like finished.  I am sure like me, we all have favorite patterns to use for so many reasons.  I think this one will be a favortie of mine.

For those that would like to show off their creations, go on over to
for their great Sunday linky party. 

I need to add a linky party to my blog, so hopefully I can get that done soon, I absolutely LOVE to see other's creations.  So go and share....


  1. I LOVE the blue & green version! I am itching to get sewing again. You have really motivated me. Now that the taxes are done, the baby is born and a new job is lined up I am starting to make out a light at the end of my time tunnel. Thanks Deb!!!

  2. Oh Debra, this is just great. I love the color combo and the style of the dress is so cute. That green is my new favorite color.
    Thanks for linking,

  3. You make me want to take out my new sewing machine and learn how to sew! Gasp, I still have my sewing machine in a box since christmas!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! If you want more information on the note cards feel free to contact me at evelynkatedesigns@gmail.com.

  4. Smart you, sewing the dresses up at the same time! My sewing room is havoc because I start a project before I end another one. If I did it at the same time, life would be so less cluttered! I love your creations!

  5. Your dresses are very pretty. I also love that I can make a garment that is like nobody else's! I like your pattern.