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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sewing is truly a passion for me that just never stops.  We all have something that brings us an inner joy, peace, calm, and just plain pleasure.  Why sewing is that for me, I cannot say, but I remember from a young girl I wanted to sew more than anything.  And that feeling has not stopped.

Every time I finish a project I am just so excited, that I created something just for me, with my signature on it.  Something different than everyone else.

Here is my latest creation, I have had so many items that have been cut out for over a year now.  Remember I had a sewing area that did not have sufficient storage nor an environment that just made me want to sit and sew.  So now since everything is back into a space that just screams at me, I cannot stop pulling out yet another gem that has been sitting waiting for me to finish.

I am working on yet another piece as I sit and put this blog together, but here is the one I finished yesterday.  Actually it's two of them I cut out the same pattern for at the same time, so I decided to sew them up at the same time.

I really am in LOVE with the wild blue one.  It just seems like a fun little dress to wear either out with my husband wine tasting or just a nice springy day, and he really likes the floral one.  He loves spring flowers and the more color they have the more he likes them.

This is another what they call a retro pattern, which at first I fell in love with the style, but was not sure of the fit.  I love how it all pieced together.  It actually is a very easy pattern to use, so if you are a beginner or somewhat new at sewing, it is very easy to do.  I also put together with my husband's input a necklace to go with it.  I love how it turned out, don't you?

Now that it's done, I have some pieces of material that I was not sure what to utilize with.  Now one piece inparticular, I am going to use for this pattern.  Not only easy to make, but a very comfortable dress to wear especially as a casual dress.

So come back for yet another dress finished.  What I just love about visiting different sites for sewing, is that it gives you an idea of what a pattern will look like finished.  I am sure like me, we all have favorite patterns to use for so many reasons.  I think this one will be a favortie of mine.

For those that would like to show off their creations, go on over to
for their great Sunday linky party. 

I need to add a linky party to my blog, so hopefully I can get that done soon, I absolutely LOVE to see other's creations.  So go and share....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am still in shock!!!!
I was featured in our local paper a week ago!!!!

This weekend, one of my friend's came up to me and said she really enjoyed my piece in the paper.  I was speechless, and did not know what to do.  
She said it was in the Sunday paper, and even had pictures of my new
sewing room.

Okayyyyyyy,  I am in shock!!!!!
So of course I could not wait to get home and look at it myself.  And since my husband never throws anything away, we still had the feature sitting right in my front room next to his chair in the magazine rack.

After some time getting past the shock still, I remember him giving me an article over a month ago that the paper was looking for short articles that describe a makeover you did or a project that failed that you attempted.  He knows how I enjoy writing and entering featured events.  So of course I did.

But what shocked me was that I never received anything from them saying I was going to be featured.  It's amazing, I really really am quite pleased.

Here's the link just in case you are inclined to see it for yourself.   http://www.sacbee.com/2011/04/16/3548353/tell-us-about-it-041611.html

Who know's it may actually bring me some additional clientele, which I could really use.  But it may be a good thing since my husband is still at home, I can't seem to get into a routine nor keep up daily with normal activities.

Perhaps I can get some input from you,  please let me know how do you manage getting things done when your man is home?  Or do you?  Let me know either way.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


The world is full of Us, but we are the silent hard worker's, deriving fulfillment in knowing we are making an impact on someone's life.  I feel so much joy just knowing I am providing the best possible care I can to my beloved husband.

Why am I writing about this?  Well yesterday we had to attend a memorial service for a long time friend and another friend came up to me after the services.  This is what she said, "How are YOU doing, I know everyone ask's you about your husband, but how are YOU doing?'.....

It struck me instantly how many times people unknowingly put forth the effort to ask about the one that is recovering or sick, but forgets to really ask about the one providing the care. 

For those that are reading this blog for the first time, my husband has had 3 major surgeries to replace both knees and his left hip all within 6 months.  He is the first ever in our area to have such done all together so closely.  And he is doing great, by the way!!!

But it really has been a very long and strenuous road for me, and please don't take this the wrong way, I am NOT complaining.  Those that are very close to me, know I provided care for both our father's, providing hospice care for both of them til they passed.  And I do this all because I really do enjoy giving them the care they need. 

Every time they stop and really thank me for all I do, my heart just melts, knowing how much they truly appreciate all I do.  But for all of US that work so hard in such an effort to make their lives a bit easier to cope with their recoveries or their illnesses, it really is hard work.  So having this friend stop and not just ask about my husband, but to ask about me, was really really touching.

My husband has been home full time either bed bound or chair bound for 8 months now, and will be home til the middle of July.  We have enjoyed this time so much together, and I really do not know what I will do when he has to go back to work.  I do keep myself busy, with blogging, sewing, making jewelry and many other little things, so I am sure I will readjust.  But having him hear just to talk to has been such a joy, and I will really miss that.

I have learned so much in being a caregiver, and I know there is alot more of us out there, so let me know, how do you manage?  How do you keep busy and maintain your happiness?  I would love to hear, and also if I can provide additional support, let me know.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's amazing how far I have come from the beginning of sewing.  And by this I mean even using the basics of what is needed to be a seamstress and make clothes.  When I first started, I was just a very young teenage girl, and money was tight.

So making garments was a real challenge since you cannot make anything without the basics.  That means even having a supply of "Thread".  I made sure everything was made either with white or black thread as that was all I had.

The first real outfit I ever made was with a pattern and some fabric my brother's bought me as a gift, so I could make a new outfit for my first date with my now boyfriend/husband of 40 years this year.

Ok, I must get back on track, what was I talking about?  Oh yea, Thread.....
I never even realized that different types of thread were important until my husband purchased me a new embroidery/sewing combo machine 2 years ago.  All of a sudden I was thrust into a whole new world.

I mean, really, thread is thread RIGHT ????  At least that is what I thought.  UNTIL .....
I was educated on the importance of the right threads for the machine.  Then I discovered how important certain threads were to a beautiful embroidery design.  Now Thread is such a huge decision.  I mean huge !!!!

             But it's also why I was so excited about making my thread displays.  I did not just want to put them up on the all or on the table.  I wanted to show them off like they should be shown off.  I wanted to make them have their own special place in my sewing studio.  I wanted everyone who came into my space to know how important I took my work, by using the best notions possible. 

I know other's like me are out there so please let me know how you display your thread, and why you feel your's is important to you.

I have come a very long way and because of this newer knowledge I am so very proud of my work.  But it's also amazing how giddy I get when there is a great sale on the better thread.  Personally I use Gutermann thread for most of my Dressmaking.  But I am also so drawn to Madeira & Mettler. 

What thread do you use ? And how do you store your's?   I love to hear from other's not only because I like sharing, but I learn so much from other's who also have picked up little treasures along the way.  I also have many other notions that play such a key role in making sewing easier and another post will feature them, but for today it's all about Thread.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabulous Days

I am so giddy!  Today is one of those days where you have all things that make you happy.  First of all I got to have a day with my Grandson "Isaiah".  Here he is with me on our way to pick up some lunch for Grandpa.  He is my little sunshine right now.  He is just such a happy baby, and loves to make other people smile at him.

My other extremely happiness is that I was featured on Sew Many Ways.  Karen is so kind and presented my "Reveal" Page so nicely.  I am learning so much from her blog, as she makes things not only look so easy, but also reading instructions so easy.  I am so happy I found her blog. 

Sew Many Ways

Here's her actual link:  http://sewmanyways.blogspot.com/ 

So if you have not visited her site, please hop on over and take a peek, she's awesome.  Thank you so very much Karen, you are so nice.

Monday, April 18, 2011


What would life be like without something to look forward to.  Be it either an upcoming event, new surroundings, refreshment, or updating your space......

It is finally here, my weekend to get the sewing room finished, and also at the same time to move our entire house into the sewing room, kitchen and garage.  My husband and I decided after the floors turned out so nice in the sewing room to also finish the rest of the house floors.

We have had carpet the entire time we have lived in our home, for 34 years, knowing we had original wood floors underneath.  But raising kids and at the time carpet was the modern thing to have in your home.  And since my husband  has been bound to the house for the last 6 months, he has been watching not only sports, but also the HGTV shows that highlight remodeling homes and purchasing new homes

.  In the process it has aided him to see how important it is to keep your home updated and  somewhat what trendy.  Most of all what stuck with him was how much updating your home with new flooring not only adds value, but more than anything aids in keeping your home healthy.  By healthy I mean it   

This not only aids in keeping your home's value but also makes it easier to maintain your home's structure.  By masking or hiding areas that you just don't want to put the money into, it really begins to deteriorate in certain areas making the home not only look outdated but also lose value.

So finally after all these years he as succombed to the pressure of everyone who has tried to convince him that wood floors are so much better and nicer looking.  He loves coming home, taking off his shoes and socks to roam the house with the comfort that carpet brings.  He has flat feet, and is more sensitive to harder surfaces.  So this is such a huge sacrifice he is making for me.  And I am so very appreciative.  What a wonderful man.

  I can't wait for the final reveal of the finished rooms.  Here's some shots of before and during the preparation of our home. 

This is our only room that for years was unidentifiable.  It was supposed to be a formal dining area, but we are NOT formal eating people.  So really it was just an extension of our living room and the only outlet to our patio/backyard oasis.

 Immediately after becoming empty nester's, we purchased these two seating units, but right after using them we realized they were NOT what we wanted.  So we lived with them for a couple of years, and because they were not what we wanted to live with long term, we did not do any decor to speak of.

Now this is our new and updated sofa sectional, that I proudly can say I am in LOVE with.  It not only is comfortable but so so - me !  I now have made the house according to all our friends a little mediterrean/minimalist.  I have accented with Red drapes, along with other accents with Red & Gold. 

We have removed the coffee table to allow the room to be more open and inviting, so I will be doing another blog with updated pictures.

If you look closely at both pictures, you can see the lattice work divider has been removed and my handy dandy carpenter son, made the opening with updated arches above the entry, which really updated the enterior of the home immensely.

But as you can see on the carpeted area where it once existed, we had a strip of exposed hardwood flooring until the carpet was torn up and removed completely.  I hated having anyone come over for fear they would think we wanted it that way, oh my !!

And as you can see our little child left with us to raise "Misty", sits in her favorite spot.  She has a special friend "Ned" the squirrel who constantly during the day runs along the fence line that she waits for. 

Just another view of our carpet.

So tomorrow I will be posting all the new updated views of our home with the floors redone and making an incredible difference.

Thanks for visiting


I have to say I am so touched by all the comments I received about my new dresses.  I am a bit overwhelmed with being thankful. 

This blogging is not the easiest task that most people think it is.  It's alot of hard work, and mostly thinking outside the box.  But I am loving the challenge mostly as it's giving me an outlet to express myself.

As I have shared with you, I just love doing for other's and the most inner fulfillment I get is to create new outfits not just for myself, but for other's.

I have also been getting some repeat business for alterations, and it is much more fulfilling than I ever expected.  To see the joy on the face of the client picking up their garment, is beyond expressing.  I just really look forward with anticipation their happiness. 

I know for me, to have a favorite garment for whatever reason not be wearable again, is very disheartening.  But to repair it and bring life back into the favorite item is really really rewarding.

I hope that does not sound a little out there, but for those that do sew or attempt to, will understand.  In fact along with alot of you that find thrift store shopping a real treat, I get more fun out of shopping there and revamping or repairing an item I find to new life so exhilerating. 

So come on, all of you, share with all of us, what you enjoy, and perhaps upload some of your pics of things you have renewed.

Who Loves Mickey

I just adore accessorized children's clothing.  And boy have they come a very long way from when my children were young. 

I have been wanting to make some little outfits for my grandson, but he took a bit to grow and now he's making up for lost time.  He stayed petite for quite some time, and now he's right on schedule.

He's just turned 4 months old and he's right where he should be for sizing of clothes.  He's just outgrown his 3 months old outfits, and ready for spring and summer clothes.  I am just so happy that my daughter loves little overalls. 

 I just finished up my first pair for him, and since my lovely machine that my husband purchased for me over a year ago as a gift, I can finally make some really cute clothes.  My machine has all the Disney characters already digitized into it, so I can embroider quite a few designs.  I just love Mickey, and Winnie the Pooh.

So since my daughter does love Mickey, that's my first challenge I did.  You tell me what you think.  I am biased of course, but I just love how the little overall's for summer turned out.

I now have so many other ideas for more.  And my husband has come up with quite a few also, so as I get them done, I will post more, as this is one of my vintage patterns I was fortunate to grab up in my huge box that one day I posted about it.  I just love retro vintage anything.  And this little overall onsie, is just another reason why.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Canvas Prints

Another fabulous giveaway from one of my favorite blogs to visit:
(The Shabby Chic Cottage) Cottage Style, Budget Home Decorating, Tutorials, DIY Projects

She is awesome, her giveaway today celebrating her 2 year blog anniversary is an awesome 8 X 10 canvas print of your choice.  My head began to swim with option choices of what I would use.  I could use it for my blog Title, and hang it in my sewing studio, or of my new grandchild, or of my entire family.

The options are endless, so this is a huge opportunity.  There are some wonderful bloggers out there, and with each one they open the doors to other's to visit and learn more about not only the values out there but also all the different things available to purchase that you just cannot find on your own.

So get yourself on over there and join in the fun.  Here's the opportunity:

But you must go to
(The Shabby Chic Cottage) Cottage Style, Budget Home Decorating, Tutorials, DIY Projects

for your chance of winning.

Hope you win !!!  Really though, I can use this one myself.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Favorite Places

Everyone has a special place to go just to unwind and revamp your energy.  I am no different, and I love to go out with my Boyfriend-Husband to rejuvinate my energies.  Since the weather is getting so nice and spring is in the air, I have been wanting to go to my favorite local spot, Bogle Winery.

Bogle Winery

The winter has been long and we both needed to a little retreat.  So today we are off to our little spot of heaven.  We only live about 20 minutes away, and the drive is so nice along the river's edge.  Today I am sure it will be beautiful.

We love this place not only because it is very close to our home, but the drive there is just so peaceful and refreshing.  Then when we get near to the exit, we both begin to get excited, knowing it is just another 5 minutes to our spot of heaven.

I am sorry I did not take my camera with me, here's a picture from one of our last visits.  We always take a little picnic with us, so we can sit for awhile and really enjoy the place.  It is so very peaceful and really let's us leave the real world behind us for a bit.  See how beautiful it is.  

Why is this place so special to us?  We don't have to have advance planning to go there and we just enjoy it most when we can just jump into the car and go.  And once we are there, we know we are going to let go of all our pent up tensions and for just a bit we are refreshed.

Can you see why?  Isn't it just a bit of heaven.  And I don't have to drive and be subjected to the Napa's traffic and congestion.  I enjoy it so much more than going to Napa. 

The Bogle Family has worked hard to make it a family environment, and put alot of effort into keeping it somewhat low key so everyone can enjoy the experience.  They offer free wine tasting in their beautiful wine tasting room.  To the back of that room, is the veranda overlooking a part of their vinyards.  They have cleared out an enticing area with picnic tables to enjoy having of course, a picnic !! 

Bogle Line ShotThere is plenty of shade for those hot summer days, so no need to worry if you go and it's quite warm.  Of course if you forget to bring your favorite drink, WINE, they have not only it available to taste, but also chilled so you can purchase a bottle to enjoy with your picnic.

This is NOT your run of the mill, low end winery.  It has become quite famous and available to purchase of course in all of Sacramento, but now is available in many areas all over the country.  

They even have a Bandwagon Club, so you can enjoy their selections to come right to your home if you like.  We belong to that, and one other reason why we are going to go today to pick up our Club selection.  And while we are there we are going to enjoy our picnic lunch with some wine and take some home with us.  I cannot go without getting myself a supply of my favorites.

I am absolutely in LOVE with their Chardonnay, and their Pinot Grigio.  My husband LOVES their Phantom, but it's not always available, as they only produce a small amount of that.  So of course it's not always in stock.  But you have to go and sample what they have and find your favorite.

I hope you do, and let me know what you think of them.    


Every day we all start our day with something.  Lately I have been visiting different blogs to not only get inspired, but also see what other's are doing to make the world a little bit brighter.

The Shabby Chic Cottage is one of my favorites, and she is having a week long giveaway.  Everyday she is sponsoring someone or hightlighting someone who is sharing with her a product from their little shops.  Today I have to highlight one that I would love to have.

(The Shabby Chic Cottage) Cottage Style, Budget Home Decorating, Tutorials, DIY Projects

Market Bag 022This is the link to today's giveaway, a bag that can be customized just for you.  I can see mine now, with my Whiterose Designs and some white roses, awwww, so cool.  What an advertising tool, but most of all, what it says about you.  How much you love what you are doing that you want to show the world.

But make your way on over there and check out your ways to be in the running for not just that one, but all of her giveaways this week.  There are some awesome blogs out there with some creative minds. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something New - Something Blue

I am so in love with Spring, as it get's my physical juices going after a long shut in winter.  Not only am I becoming more creative, but I am loving the new workspace to use that energy in. 

So my new project I just finished is my new Blue Dress.  You tell me what you think.  I have this date this weekend, and after 8 months with being shut in with my Boyfriend - Husband, we are so ready to get out and enjoy being with our friends.

Since I posted the first Spring Dress, and now finishing my second one, I had to ask "which one do I wear?"  for our special Date.  So far it's very hard to pick, as I love both of them.  So I need your help.

There is so much I love about both of them, and the previous post on the floral Spring dress, I mentioned what I liked about it.  But this one, again Retro, I am in love with the material.  It's duponi silk, which is amazing anyways, but the color is to die for.

It zips on the side, and I chose to make it with the sleeves, so I can wear it in the evening without having to have a sweater or wrap.  The material is light enough with the sleeves to not be overly warm. 

The pattern called for the skirt to be gathered, but I wanted it more simple and elegant, so made pleats instead.  And being the modest person that I am, I needed to make the front a bit more dignified and added an insert for the deep plunge.  It keeps the look a bit more modest and I don't have to worry about having a conversation with someone and exposing myself.

The necklace I made about a month ago, matched perfectly, don't you think.  I actually have so many options to make it dressy or more casual by the accessories I wear.

Notice the waistline, it's fitted, which gives a more slimming look.  And by the way don't we all need the most slimming help we can get?  I do, so those that don't, please don't leave a comment, as that is just not fair. 

I love my new dress, so let me know.  The floral or blue dress for this weekend???  I am waiting for responses.  In fact I may post a finished picture of myself in it, who knows, I may get brave. 

Clutter - Clutter - Clutter

I have mentioned before other blogs that I visit regularly and get so many creative ideas not only for myself but also that I want to share with all my blog followers, despite that they are few so far :(.  Hopefully that will change as time fly's by.

Today, over at Brittany's blog is not only a really cool giveaway, but also a link to an awesome site that will be a new best internet friend.  I am a really intense follower of anything that declutter's my life.  I feel such an inner calm when my life is organized and decluttered.

This link takes you to Brittany's blog with her feature on this site.  Then go to her link for the site to now declutter your life as well.  You will be in awe, as we all think we know all about organizing and declutter, but they really do have some really great ideas.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself up and on over there to make the difference of your life.  We all know how much better we feel when we are organized.  Let me know how it helped you, or what you think of it.  Pretty soon I will be doing a giveaway, and learn how to do that, so look out my friends, with the little amount of people that are follower's so far on my blog, it sure will be an easy one.  Ha Ha Ha !!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Light Please !!!

Spring is certainly in the air, just browsing around and looking at everyone's little projects makes your head swim.  I still have little details to finish my sewing studio.  My husband came to me with yet another little surprise for me.  He could see I needed a bit more light over my sewing & cutting areas.  I was not complaining, but what the hey, I am not turning down some extra's.

So my head started swimming yet again.  Of course if I was going to put lights in, I wanted them to add a bit of pinache' to the decor.  I am very happy with just normal can lights over the direct sewing & serging areas.  But to finish up the look over the cutting area, I thought it would be so cool to add a bit of style. 

So off I was into the internet clouds again to scour a look that just popped out to me and said "This is it!"  I found it.  I saw these mini crystal chandelier's, that are just awesome.  So after presenting my idea to him, of course at first he was "Really?"  But he knows me, that once I get something in my head that is going to work, I am not about to go another route.

So I cannot wait to get them and have them installed, they are going to be the absolute finishing touch to that room.  Once I get them up, I will have new pictures to share.  Yippee !!!

So what do you think?  Oh well, even if you don't like them, I know I will, but it is nice to hear what other's think, so let me have it.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

From Old to New

I owe a huge apology to everyone, since I am still learning the best way to create a blog and have readers "want" to be a follower.

 "The Reveal" post, I failed to really share pictures of my room before the makeover.  Since we are now empty nester's, we took over the rooms that was our children's.  One room is an office that my husband & I share.  My husband does alot of telecommuting before and after work and needed a proper workspace.  I use my desk area for keeping up with all the bills and yearly tax papers.  I will do a post on that room at a later time. 

But my new sewing studio before was quite a mess.  No matter what I did, it was in constant chaos and never looked professional.  I had a collection of items that did not match and had a huge lack of proper storage. 

Since my husband was off work to have three major joint replacements, he had plenty of time to see what my needs were.  He sat me down one day to surprise me that he wanted to remake the room into a real professional looking sewing studio.  Since I have a small business out of my home for alterations and dressmaking, I really needed a workroom that looked professional to bring clients into.

I was so excited, it was the best surprise he could offer me.  To have my own room designated just for that, was needless to say a "dream" come true.  Here is my workspace before and after.

As you can see from the before, there is lack of light, and no real workspace for the sewing area.  It was an old desk I had previously in my office so I only had two small drawers and very little work area since my sewing/embroidery machine is somewhat large.  But my new work area utilizes the corner in the room to the fullest and also gives me additional drawer storage space.

We pulled up the carpet first since I knew we had original hardwood floors underneath that had never been exposed.  I wanted to have hardwood floors to make cleanup easier and to update the room in a more modern appeal.  I found out how much the floor bounces off outdoor light as well as bringing a better light appeal by updating the walls with the light buttercream color. 

I just never realized how much light it would bring until after it all was done.  I can't seem to come out of this room now.  It is so soothing and helps bring out my creative juices.  Now some other changes that made this room so useful.

The opposite corner was being totally underutilized.  I had this additional hanger bar for clients garments.  And as you can see on the floor the items I had no where to store.  I did not have anywhere to lay out material and cut  patterns.  But now I have this awesome cutting corner along with an enormous amount of storage for patterns, material, and other hard to store items.  Making this room just the best model ever for storage. 

Next was the closet, making it to have the storage needed with available hanging storage as well.  The new closet storage is awesome, all the stacked pillows are gone now having been used for a client.

I just love how everything came together and is so functional.  I feel like a queen in her new domain.  There is still little things I am working out and getting organized, but everyone that comes over is amazed at the transformation.

Hopefully I have inspired others with some of my little ideas.  Let me know if you would like to see something specific highlighted that we came up with, and why is has added so much more to my organization.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Creations

I am so ready for spring and anxious to make all my creations I have in my head.  Since I have finished my sewing room, it's my new place to retreat and hide.  My husband now is relegated to watching TV by himself, but since he's getting so much better, he's now doing more projects himself.

I have finished almost all of my mending and alterations that were needed.  It feels so very good to finally have everything done and out of the way mentally so I can focus on my new projects.  I just finished a new spring wrap dress that is so retro with a modern twist.  My husband loves it, and I was especially pleased that my daughter did also, to the point that she wants one as well...

Here Molly the Mannequinn is modeling it for me, waiting for me to finish the hem.  Isn't is adorable.  What I love about this dress besides it being so springtime, is the unusual wrap style.  The front sides goes into the back and hooks hiddenly inside the back. 

It's hidden in the fact the back then zips up over the hooks keeping them from exposure, and then the back has an extremely wide and long sash that comes up the front and wraps overlapping each other twisting and wrapping to the back to be tied.  It is slimming due to the wrapped and twisted sash, along with the full flowing skirt. 

The necklace is the new one I finished a couple weeks ago that actually I was not sure about until I put it together.  The green beads were ones I have had for awhile and was not using because I really did not like them.  But you know how sometimes you wake up and you have this idea in your head that you want to try.  That's what happened, I fell in love with the combination of colors and the bead textures.  Putting it together with the new dress just makes it pop.

So now I am on this creative mission.  With all the chaos I have had over the last six months, I guess the creative juices are just flowing with new ideas.  My next project is this cute denim dress that is fitted on the top with a gathered skirt.  The top part buttons up the front and I found the cutest buttons I want to use to dress it up.  They are Crystal Damond Stud Shank back buttons, and I think it will make the dress just stand out.  I am starting it today, so I will post it once it is completed.

I am also challenging myself with some lingerie.  I have always wanted to make my own, and never had the inner self confidence to do it.  But my husband asked me recently what new things I would like to try, and that was one of them.  He always encourages me to push thru those inner fears and had me go get some material and patterns to make some.  In fact what I want to do is post my challenge on that and let you readers tell me what you think.  I am excited, but I do want to finish my dress first so I can get the courage built up...

I love retro styles and came across a real find about 8 months ago at a local thrift shop.  I saw a box of donated goods behind the counter and it appeared to be a box of patterns.  So I asked if they were going to be putting them out soon.  He informed me that they do not sell those and was going to toss the entire box..... My heart just sank.  I asked him if I could have them since he was throwing them out, and he actually gave me the entire box.....  It was the biggest find ever.  They were all retro patterns from the 40's & 50's, in there original packaging.  Best of all most of them were in my size or close enough to my size that I can use them. 

I still am in shock, to have such a deal.  I have used a couple so far, but my goal is to make each and every one of them.   One in particular is so cute, I cannot wait.  It has a petal pusher jumpsuit, with a detachable full skirt that is open in the front.  It is adorable, and would be so cute to wear for a spring/summer picnic or patio/pool party.  And by the way, we will be having those this year now that my husband is feeling so much better.  And part of his continued rehab is WATER THERAPY !!!!  Isn't that a shame !!!!   I am just so happy.  I will be posting some pics from those later this spring/summer, so be on the lookout.