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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Projects

I have been away from posting for some time now. I have had so many things to focus on. But I finally think I can update my creations as well as my projects.

My most current creation I am starting today is one I have set aside for over two years. We have been updating our cozy home over time and we only have one major room to renovate and that is our kitchen. I will make a separate post with pictures of all my ideas for my new updated kitchen. The task I took on today is just a part of my finishing touches. Not only is my goal to update and make my house fresh but also to make my home more organized.

I have used much larger clear hooks for different projects like keeping keys handy. This set of clear hooks by Command are very small. My project on hold was to create a station for my jewelry as well as making the station a part of my decor. I had purchased a mirror at a discount store for less than $25. So once I have this task complete I will post completed pictures of it with my jewelry in a new decorated location.

This is what I bought to work on my creation