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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Favorite Places

Everyone has a special place to go just to unwind and revamp your energy.  I am no different, and I love to go out with my Boyfriend-Husband to rejuvinate my energies.  Since the weather is getting so nice and spring is in the air, I have been wanting to go to my favorite local spot, Bogle Winery.

Bogle Winery

The winter has been long and we both needed to a little retreat.  So today we are off to our little spot of heaven.  We only live about 20 minutes away, and the drive is so nice along the river's edge.  Today I am sure it will be beautiful.

We love this place not only because it is very close to our home, but the drive there is just so peaceful and refreshing.  Then when we get near to the exit, we both begin to get excited, knowing it is just another 5 minutes to our spot of heaven.

I am sorry I did not take my camera with me, here's a picture from one of our last visits.  We always take a little picnic with us, so we can sit for awhile and really enjoy the place.  It is so very peaceful and really let's us leave the real world behind us for a bit.  See how beautiful it is.  

Why is this place so special to us?  We don't have to have advance planning to go there and we just enjoy it most when we can just jump into the car and go.  And once we are there, we know we are going to let go of all our pent up tensions and for just a bit we are refreshed.

Can you see why?  Isn't it just a bit of heaven.  And I don't have to drive and be subjected to the Napa's traffic and congestion.  I enjoy it so much more than going to Napa. 

The Bogle Family has worked hard to make it a family environment, and put alot of effort into keeping it somewhat low key so everyone can enjoy the experience.  They offer free wine tasting in their beautiful wine tasting room.  To the back of that room, is the veranda overlooking a part of their vinyards.  They have cleared out an enticing area with picnic tables to enjoy having of course, a picnic !! 

Bogle Line ShotThere is plenty of shade for those hot summer days, so no need to worry if you go and it's quite warm.  Of course if you forget to bring your favorite drink, WINE, they have not only it available to taste, but also chilled so you can purchase a bottle to enjoy with your picnic.

This is NOT your run of the mill, low end winery.  It has become quite famous and available to purchase of course in all of Sacramento, but now is available in many areas all over the country.  

They even have a Bandwagon Club, so you can enjoy their selections to come right to your home if you like.  We belong to that, and one other reason why we are going to go today to pick up our Club selection.  And while we are there we are going to enjoy our picnic lunch with some wine and take some home with us.  I cannot go without getting myself a supply of my favorites.

I am absolutely in LOVE with their Chardonnay, and their Pinot Grigio.  My husband LOVES their Phantom, but it's not always available, as they only produce a small amount of that.  So of course it's not always in stock.  But you have to go and sample what they have and find your favorite.

I hope you do, and let me know what you think of them.    

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