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Monday, April 18, 2011


I have to say I am so touched by all the comments I received about my new dresses.  I am a bit overwhelmed with being thankful. 

This blogging is not the easiest task that most people think it is.  It's alot of hard work, and mostly thinking outside the box.  But I am loving the challenge mostly as it's giving me an outlet to express myself.

As I have shared with you, I just love doing for other's and the most inner fulfillment I get is to create new outfits not just for myself, but for other's.

I have also been getting some repeat business for alterations, and it is much more fulfilling than I ever expected.  To see the joy on the face of the client picking up their garment, is beyond expressing.  I just really look forward with anticipation their happiness. 

I know for me, to have a favorite garment for whatever reason not be wearable again, is very disheartening.  But to repair it and bring life back into the favorite item is really really rewarding.

I hope that does not sound a little out there, but for those that do sew or attempt to, will understand.  In fact along with alot of you that find thrift store shopping a real treat, I get more fun out of shopping there and revamping or repairing an item I find to new life so exhilerating. 

So come on, all of you, share with all of us, what you enjoy, and perhaps upload some of your pics of things you have renewed.

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