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Monday, March 21, 2011

Organized Woman

One of my goals this year is to become the most Organized Woman of the Year.  At least for myself.  I am the happiest in the world when everything is organized.  It seems to bring inner calm, a little crazy I know, since a alot of my friends are not that way, at least to the extent that I like to be.  I do have to give my best friend in NJ the biggest award since she can maintain a house with only about 700 SF without chaos.  She is amazing at finding just the right spot for everything in her tiny house.

This year has started out with getting our carpet pulled up and refinishing the existing floors.  Since I had to literally put the entire house into the kitchen and garage, I promised myself that upon putting all the stuff back we would go through things and purge.  It's working !!  It's amazing how much you find out you really do not need or have not used in over a year, so why not get rid of it.

We customized all of our closets with Closet Maid products found at Lowe's and Home Depot.  What made a world of difference was adding the shoe bags that hang as well as a shoe cubbie.  To open up the closet and see all your shoes organized and put together by style is a dream come true.  I keep all of my dressy shoes with my dress clothes, making it easier to put my outfits together, and my casual shoes in the cubbies.

On my shelves in my closet, I found a couple of years ago these adorable shabby chic boxes at Target.  They are awesome, and someone quite crafty with wood could make these little gems easily.  But I was able to get them on clearance and literally drove to all the local Target's at the time to get as many as possible.  I use them for all my unmentionables, making it easy to grab and just get what I need.  I also use a few of them for my hair styling electrical products, which my husband loves since I don't clutter up the bathroom vanity drawers with just my things.  And see how clean and organized it makes things appear.  I just love it.

I purchased those small drawer organizers that are clear plastic and put them in the closet shelf for smaller items to store.  Making the makeup counter and bathroom cabinets less cluttered.  

Since we are empty nester's now, and we have a nice large closet in the hallway for hanging coats, we customized it as well, and only use one small side for coats, and the rest is used for storing movies, computer games & gaming systems, as well as a large selection of computer equipment that my husband uses to rebuild computers.  It keeps everything handy for him, and out of the way of clutter. 

Making closets customized does not mean you have to break the bank.  Going to the local stores like Home Depot, Lowe's or even similar locations allows you to find organizing ideas at a minimal cost.  There are usually several choices to meet the demand.  I personally like the white melamine clean look, some prefer the open wire rack styles.  But take your measurements before you go and even just stop by and pick up their little flyers of their product lines home with you so you can sit and decide the best layout for you. 

As you can see I am not a Martha Stewart, but I am proud of the changes we have made and the bonus it has given me to be more efficiently organized.  But most of all the inner peace it brings each time I open up a closet and not either be embarrassed or afraid my life is going to tumble down on top of me literally. 

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