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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pillows remake

One of my customers: Polished Nail Bar, needed to update their shop for security reasons with some new drapes.  She already had the fabric, and actually had enough to make matching pillows for all of her pedicure stations.  She provided me with a sample pillow cover for the size she preferred.  I was able to make 9 pillow covers and pillow inserts for her.  I made pillow covers so she can take them off for laundry.

For all the pillow inserts, I purchased inexpensive bed pillows at Target and just opened them up to reveal the inside pillow stuffing.

I measured the size of the pillow I needed and cut the inside stuffing to that measurment, then take the existing cover and sew it to seal the pillow to size.

The finished result

They will love them, as it matches her color scheme, and the new pillows will look awesome at all of her pedicure stations for the customers comfort.

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