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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Favorite Things

Everyone has Favorite things, I have quite a few.  Mostly because they have a specific purpose and bring more meaning to their place in my life.

Over time I will focus on some of my favorite things and hopefully it will help others to find similar pieces or things to bring more purpose into your own home or life.

One of my new favorite things in my sewing room is my Apothecary Box that I repurposed.  I have had this item for some time and purchased it at Target several years ago.  I used it mostly to store my smaller personal items like nail polish and small candles.  But I wanted it to have a new purpose since I am redoing my whole house slowly and it needed to find a new spot.  It no longer fit the color scheme in my bedroom, but I knew it would brighten up the sewing room somehow.

First of all I wanted to update it a bit but I really did not want to paint it.  And after reading an article on HGTV they mention that many times all you have to do is change out the fixtures on some pieces to update them and give them a new look.  Well you tell me, what do you think?  I changed out all the drawer pulls to a more shappy chic look.

What a difference it made, I positioned it at the end of my cutting station where it is easily accessible but also out of the way.

What makes it one of my favorite things is that it holds some items perfectly !  Like it was made for them.  I found these awesome little boxes at Joann's for only $1.99 that allowed me to sort out my button assortment by color and size.  I became obsessed with them, but my local Joann's ran out of stock of them, so until they get a new supply, I am happy with the 5 I found. 

They fit 2 to a drawer, which is just awesome.  The other thing I love about this unit is that they also fit perfectly by size is those packages of bias & seam tape.  I actually can fit 2 rows in a box on top of each other.  So I sorted them by color.  It's amazing how it all fits so nicely and keeps me organized.  I just love how something can look so cute but is so functional.  No wasted space.

Then I have these little spools of ribbon that are harder to store and still be able to see for color, but here they fit great. 

I just love this little box of drawers, more so than ever before.  Now they have a purpose in my new favorite room that's just awesome.  I am one of those people that when I find something I like, I just hate getting rid of it, and will do whatever I can to find a new purpose for it.  I am sure there are alot of you out there that is just like me.   

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  1. I love how the chest just pops with the new knobs! It went from drab to FAB!