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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Business Cards

I am so very excited, I just got my new shipment of Business Cards.  Why can I be so very excited about such a simple thing?  Business Cards say so much about you and your Business.  I revamped my cards to say more about my focus and included my blog information.

The only thing I regret is that I really did not describe what I do or my mission for my business, so my next order will be better.  But these are the best cards ever. 

My daughter-in-law again directed me.  She just happened to find this company online while searching herself for making some Business Cards herself.  After going to their site I was sold.

The site is www. MOO.com.  What is so cool about them is that you can upload your own design, pictures, or logo.  They also give you up to 50 different images you can upload and it allows you to customize them so you have a variety of cards to distribute.  It's called their Infinity option.  Kinda like flipping thru a stack of cards with different images that tell a story if you like.  You can even upload an image on the back either as a background or a mini size above or the side of your information.  Here's a sample of my Business Card.

I chose to just do my one image and basic information on the back.  But another little option I fell in love with is there Mini Cards.  They are half the size of the Business Card and are perfect to hand out discreetly or what I love about them is that I can attach them to finished garments or pieces of jewelry with a ribbon.  Here's a copy of my Mini Cards that I absolutly love especially how cute they look attached to a garment.

They give choices of card stock, but I chose their standard and it is absolutely amazing !  A very heavy card stock giving them a very distinct feel and separate feel from the standard card.  Making it stand out from the other's that people may have.

Another awesome feature that I took advantage of is uploading your own image, design and information for a free set of samples.  That way you can get them and have the chance to fine tune them for a complete order.  

I hope it helps some of you who are comtemplating either a new design or even help some of you make a decision to just order some Business Cards to expand yourself.  My daughter-in-law is starting up a business but also ordered the Mini Cards just to hand out to those who just want her basic information.  Great way to save on randomly giving out those good Business Cards that we all know cost add up.  Take a look at their site it may inspire some of you in ways beyond what I came up with, and hopefully you will share your ideas with the rest of us.  I am always looking for ways to expand my opportunities. 

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