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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bracelets, Bracelets, Bracelets

Everyone loves Style, and mine so happens to be all over the board.  I cannot take those style questionaires as I am never what they say I should be.  I have a large selection of jewelry, from making my own to purchasing pieces on sale and customizing them to fit my own style.  I grew up not having any jewelry at all, so now I go overboard to some extent.  I have learned to make my own jewelry first by wanting to give my daughter a new hobby when she was a pre-teen.  But over the years it grew into my own passion after I learned I could make my own and have unique pieces separate from everyone else. 

I am such a mix of vintage/new, and classic/contemporary.  So when I find pieces with some resemblence of either style I take it and bring it up a notch with my own stones and collection of findings.  The most joy I derive is from making pieces and giving them as gifts to my friends, seeing their face light up as they open it.  They are so fun to watch when they proudly wear one of my pieces.  They are my biggest advertisement.  They keep telling me I should sell my work, but then all the fun would be gone. 

I wait until I have some inspiration or have new garments I am sewing to put together some new pieces.  Lately with staying home so much helping my husband recoup from his surgeries, I have been creating a bit more. 

Here is the latest pieces I have put together.
I love pearls, so I am usually mixing them up with different shades to really make pieces classy.  One of the things I have really learned over the last two years is that you have to use quallity stones, gems, but mostly clasps to make a piece truly stand out and look quality.  Before I was just using the normal and inexpensive lobster claw clasps which by the way are not bad for most, but to really make a piece look more high end or different, spend just a little bit more and you have yourself one nice piece.

For some reason, the blogger system I am using is not letting me upload any more pictures, so I will have to check and see what's going on to continue this article.

To sum up today's mix on making some jewelry, I encourage anyone to just ask for some specifics on technique, or better yet, I am working on doing better to share my steps with you on making pieces like a tutortial.  The easiest I find are earrings, which really only have to take less than 5 minutes once you pick your style out.  But my favorite is Bracelets, as I can wear a whole bunch at once.  I just love Bracelets.

The one thing I would love to challenge myself and hopefully one day I can, is to make rings.  I love having different rings, and love the kind where you wire wrap them, but have not perfected the technique yet, as I have been focusing on too much this last year.  So if anyone has any suggestions or even some pics with tutorials I would love it.

After waiting a day and going back to my dashboard, I was able to load up the additional pictures I wanted to share with all of you.  I am still new somewhat at blogging and learning to use the different functions, so I apologize.  I am really enjoying all the challenges this new adventure brings, it is not only building my computer knowledge base, but also my increasing my confidence to keep learning.  I hope you all learn along with me, and please comment or send suggestions I can work on to make my blog bigger & better for all of you.


  1. Your jewelry is just GORGEOUS! I'm still pretty new at the jewelry thing--I'm a sewer, but I'm trying to branch out--and for me it seems so hard to do, but yours is just amazing!


  2. Your jewelry is beautiful. I especially love that pearl bracelet with the leaf clasp.

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