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Friday, February 4, 2011

A bit of this and a bit of that

I may not have a clear cut focus yet but my goals for the future are to share my experiences of sewing, crafting, jewelry design and just life with friends and those that are looking for inspiration.

I had begun this venture with keeping you updated of my dream come true, a new updated and professional sewing room.  This dream come true is taking a bit longer than we expected, but will come true, so be patient with us.  I am going to have the dream sewing room, not that we are getting the high end sewing furniture.  My son the Carpenter that he is, owns his own business, previously framing custom homes.  Now he is expanding his career learning heating & air conditioning for very large buildings, like hospitals and malls.  So in his spare time, if any of us have that, he is going to build for me custom furniture for my sewing room that my husband outlined for him.  My husband, with my input of all the challenges I have for my small space, made drawings of what I needed.

It will be awesome to say the least, in that I finally will have in my small 10 X 11 room two workstations.  One that will be an L shape to accomodate both my sewing/embroidery machine and my new Babylock Serger.  The other workstation will be for cutting that goes beyond just a table, it will have tons of drawers and shelves on two sides for storage.  It will only have two sides of storage since it will be up against a wall, as the room has to allow for the most benefits possible, organization.

My closet is extremely small, so that took some very creative thinking to get the best of what I needed.  So once you see it you will agree it was the best design for my challenges.  It not only will have hanging storage ability, but also lots of drawers and shelves.  My goal was to make this room shine for organization and functionality.

I know I will inspire other's to make their dreams come true as well, so thank you for being patient.  In the next few weeks you will be able to see the process grow into my dream.

Tomorrow the baseboards will be installed by my son, which will make such a striking impact on the room compared to before. So please come back this weekend for the picture update.

By the way, let me know what you think of my new banner, I am still working hard on changing things to reflect myself and my site.  The pictures are of my mother in-law and her best friend, my son, my daughter and her best friend, along with my new grandson.  Isn't he gorgeous, I just love his adorable smile and his very contagious happy personality.

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