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Sunday, February 6, 2011


We all have special persons in our lives that either inspire or just plain make us proud having them a part of our life.  I never thought I could have more than one Best Friend, as sometimes we are made to believe that is just not possible.  But as I get older my nucleous of friends that are special have become vital for my true inner contentment.
There are two such people in my life that merit tribute to the bond we have.  Most important tho is the special place they hold in my heart that transcends distance, time and pain.

  First I have to proudly honor my daughter who not only is my Best Friend but someone I could not imagine life without.  She is just an amazingly strong young woman who is 27, but has survived bacterial Meningitis, learning disabilities, discrimination, and weight control.  At 57, I thought I have seen it all, but what she has had to overcome and accomplish is truly inspirational.  For the first time in her life, she is sharing clothes with me, and teaching me more about style than I ever thought I knew.  She is vivacious and full of life.  Her personality makes others see who she is on the inside, which is truly beautiful.  She enjoys telling people I am her mother because they comment when seeing me with her they never knew she had a sister.  She is a sister I never had, but most of all we enjoy being best friends.  You may wonder if that is possible and separate the mother/daughter relationship to be bonded friends.  It is, let me tell you, I actually never believed I could have such a friendship bond like I do with her. 

I think the most compelling reason for that bond to have acheived it's level that it has is the intense struggle and effort she had to be accepted and successful in whatever her challenge were.  Her struggles began at the tender age of 2 when she was stricken with bacterial meningitis up until now.  She has become so strong and gained the insight to conquer whatever obstacles she had to hurdle.  I learned more from her tenacity than any other person I know.  To make my point, with learning disabilities, she has even succeeded in learning 3 languages.  Thru it all, we have become so close to the point that my husband teases me as to who I am married to.  Really, is he jealous?  Does he not understand the female bonding issue? 

Anyways, I could ramble on and on, but most of all, I just want everyone to know how special she is and ask all of you, "Who inpires you as a friend?"  Next I will share another friendship I have that also is very important to me but in a different way.  So check back for that.

By the way here is one of my special pictures of my daughter that I look at many times that just takes away all the woes of the day when I need it to.  And did I mention the gorgeous grandson I have from her, who by the way also has the same infectious little personality.

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