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Sunday, February 6, 2011


As I mentioned previously I wanted to tribute two very special friends of mine.  My daughter was my first, and now is my other very best friend of all.  We have been friends ever since we first met 38 years ago.  I was recently asked by someone how I am able to keep such a friendship going especially with the distance we have between us.  I live on the West Coast, she is literally on the other side on the East Coast. 

Our success is based on complete respect and value of each other for who we are on the inside.  We keep in touch constantly by email, texting and phone calls.  She comes out to the West Coast almost twice a year to see her aging Mother, and we are able to connect visibly.  And what reunions they are.  We are inseparable if not even together physically, and by that I mean mentally just knowing we are on the same coast together, both our spirits are lifted.

We are friends that never question each other's intentions nor expecting anything from each other.  I admire her for the skills she has despite not acheiving higher education.  She is not afraid of trying new challenges, making them seem effortless even tho on the inside I know she may be falling apart.  All her achievements are from a sheer desire to make her self grow, without having to prove anything to other's. 

She raised her daughter for 8 years on her own before meeting her husband, now being married for 25 years this year.  I could not imagine in my wildest dreams raising a child on my own, so I admire her for not only being successful doing it but never ever made her child feel neglected for it.  Once she got married, I even admired her again since she gave up all her friends here on the West Coast  to move and make a new life on the East Coast. 

She always makes the best of whatever situation confronts her, and always always looks at things in a positive way, even when her world appears to be falling apart.  She never gives up without a fight.  We both have conquered so much together just being there for each other.  I could not be who I am without her as a friend.

Here is a picture of us together meeting again for the first time after almost a year, and we both came dressed similar even in color.  Everyone thinks we are sister's and that just makes me glow, as I never had a sister growing up.  But I have a soul sister for life. 

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