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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I feel like a small child again, as the anticipation is so strong, I feel my completed projects will never get done.  As each day passes, more and more of my expectations increase.  We finished the sewing room and it is going to be fantastic, especially to bring clients into an new environment that is not only updated and modern, but have such a professional appearance that they will feel they have come to the right place.

I wish I had taken pictures of our finished work before I had to move our entire house into that new room along with the kitchen and garage.  As we had to pull up the carpet that has covered the original wood floors in the house over 50 years ago.  We purchased our home in 1978, and at that time it had green and gold shag carpets, which by the way were the "in" thing at the time.  With raising 3 children we kept putting carpet into the home over the years, since at the time it was the easiest. 

Now the "in" thing is wood floors, and I am so very happy, as I have always wanted to have them.   They are turning out to be beautiful, as the floors were in perfect condition, with the exception of one area in the living room. They replaced the few boards that needed to be repaired.  We chose a rosewood tint, or a cherrywood to many people.  Actually they used a Mahogany stain and added a rose or cherry tint to it, which gave us the exact color we wanted. 

My husband goes into the hospital on Tuesday for a total hip replacement, which is why we had to time everything just perfectly.  As I needed to be here for the process, and without any disturbance to this process.  Now I can focus on his surgery and recovery in the hospital, as the day before he comes home, I have a crew of friends coming to move all the furniture back into it's main spots.  Then when my husband comes home, everything will be in it's place, I can then focus my attention on his continued recovery.

I am surrounded by such good friends and have not had to worry about anything while he has recovered from his past two total knee replacements.  So even tho the last 6 months has been filled with emotions, I have been supported by friends that I cannot replace nor ever thank enough for all they have done. 

Today is devoted to "anticipation", which lately has been a big part of my vocabulary.  I am in anticipation of my husband's surgery, the house to be back into it's normal mode, but mostly for my sewing room to come to completion. 

That is the one room I have had the most anticipation for, as it is a room I want to be proud of to bring clients and friends into.  I want to show people especially my friends that I am a professional.  My husband wants me to have a room I can go to that is where I can be creative but also find my real contentment.  I LOVE sewing, as it brings me such satisfaction and complete inner calm.  I am so thankful.

I will have pictures soon, so please come back for my updates.

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