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Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Beginnings

I am so excited about another new chapter in my life.  The passion I have for making clothes and designing jewelry will have a new studio.    We are empty nester's now, and since my husband has been home for three separate surgeries, he designed with my input a new studio for me.  My husband observed while home recuperating how cluttered my current work room was.  Lack of storage and makeshift workstations made my room appear uninviting and unprofessional.  It desperately needed a makeover.  It is going to be the studio of my dreams.  My son, the builder that he is, will be putting it all together for me.  I cannot wait for it to be finished.

But first we had to prepare the room, that was a feat in itself.  I now am adding another notch to my resume, as I am the one with the time and energy to remove lliterally everything from my current piled and overwhelming work room.  I accomplished it all within three days, and purged a large amount of goods to donate to charity.

I now had an empty room, but still had to remove the carpet and prepare the floors since we decided to put in new floors.  And let me tell you that was not easy.  But once it was all removed I became more and more excited just thinking about the possibilities of my new studio.  We debated for a week over floor samples, trying to decide what type of flooring to install.  After a lot of discussion, we found out we both wanted the same thing, to just refinish the current floors we already have. 

We found the nicest man to come and look at them and he did an awesome job.  Here is a shot of the new floor.    They turned out better than I could ever imagine. The floors are original from 1961 when the house was built.  We have lived in our home for 33 years and never have exposed them.  They are gorgeous !!  We chose a deep Mahogany color to cover some imperfections.  At first we both were very apprehensive since our home is small and thought it would darken the room too much.  But to our delight, they are much more than we imagined.  We are determined now to rip out all our carpet throughout our home and refinish all the floors the same color.  What richness it added, along with making my home more modern and clean. 

I am now waiting for the new baseboards to be put in, mostly waiting on the weather to allow me to paint them, they will be white.  We have had nothing but very overcast and damp days.  Once they get put in, I have sitting in my garage a new ironing board system to be installed in the wall.  It is incredible, and will be so utilized.  It not only stores the iron board system into the wall, but also has storage for my iron and any additional ironing sprays and tools.  Here is the link to the unit,  http://www.ironaway.com/ .  It will be the pride of my new studio, as it will not only save so much space, but so convenient.  Most of all, it will look pretty, recessed into the wall with a nice door.

Along side that system, my son will be installing another shelving unit next to it, also recessed into the wall which will store all of my serger threads.  What a deal, finally a nice display unit with a matching door that I can open and instantly pick whatever color I need.  All without having to rummage thru a deep drawer or pull out multiple thread boxes to find what I need.  Such a time saver, along with beauty.

Tomorrow I will be going more into my studio design and color scheme.  The studio will be not only hugely functional but so professional looking.  My husband will have to drag me out of my space, as I will not want to leave.  Having clients come will be so fulfilling, since now I can be proud of having a real design studio. 

I know all of us work so hard to keep organized and make the best of our space, that was the whole idea behind this complete sewing studio makeover. So hopefully I can help some of you with some ideas for your space, as I found so many ideas from many of you.   I can't wait to finish sharing with all of you my new makeover, so see you all tomorrow.

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