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Friday, January 28, 2011

My Passion

Hello Everyone 
Today is a new beginning for me.  I love, and I mean LOVE doing things for other people, but today I am beginning something new for me.  Welcome to my Blog.  Nothing special, just hoping to share all the things I enjoy doing with others.  My passion is to make people happy, and in that process bringing joy to myself.  I have been told I have a lot of talents, but the one talent I can admit to myself is the success of my marriage and raising 3 children.  What an accomplishment !!

Getting Back to my Passion. 
I know all of you out there have a passion for something.  I mentioned that I love making people happy. That will never change, it is who I am.  But I really have many other passions.  You will find as you get to know me what my different passions are.  Passion is defined as having a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.  Everyone has passion for something or someone.  Of course the bond I have with my husband, I can say unreservedly I have still have passion for.  But some other passions I have are my skills to make garments for people or alter clothing for them.  To see their expression of total happiness or excitement is beyond what I can describe.  And that I made that, putting my signature on it. That's the fulfillment of my passion.

Where do I begin to explain my other passions?  I guess I will have to take time to share, as I have been told I have too many.  I never thought I did, but when I stop to write about them, I guess I do.

What I want to accomplish over this new endeavor for myself is show you some of the projects I accomplish along with providing some tutorials and pictures that will help you all accomplish the same thing.

So just a glimpse of what will come, dressmaking (even designer items), jewelry design, cooking, organization, and so on.

Well everyone, thanks for visiting I have to get busy now to make this work mostly for myself, as it's time.
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