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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Alterations ?????

I'm almost done with my next project to post but in the meantime I wanted to share reasons why alterations play such an important role in our appearance.

Alterations you say, YES, alterations....
I grew up with a figure that dosn't match, nor that fits into sizes designer's say we should.  So first hand I have lived the many reasons that alterations are so very important.

 People think of alterations only to hem pants, or alter the sleeves on coats.  But garments have so many areas that can be altered to make you feel fantastic.  Since everything I buy has to be altered to fit right, I can usually find higher end bargains from designer's at a smaller size and adjust the inside seams just a small amount.  Lots of times all it takes is 1/8 of inch on two side seams to fit just perfect.

But if you do not sew, it's important to take your items to a seamstress to let her analyze the fit and see where she can make the adjusment.  I had a customer who was quite petite, and she had a difficult time just finding pants that not only fit her lenght wise, but also her frame was so small the crotch and the legs of the pants were just swimming on her.  So when she came over, all I had to do was adjust the crotch, and the backside of the pant legs to make a perfect fit for her.  She was so elated, and that made all the difference for me in what I do.

That's why I chose the saying "Make your style stand out", as what we wear does not have to be something special and unique, but the fit makes all the difference in how we look to other's.  If we really care about how our clothes fit, it shows other's we really care about our appearance but most of all that we care how we feel inside our clothes, and not just wanting to throw anything on without a care in the wind.

And using a seamstress to alter our styles is very important, as she can see areas of adjustment that we cannot, making the real difference of how our garments really fit us.  I guess that's why I enjoy being a dressmaker, and not just a seamstress, as I can make a garment from the beginning fit perfectly.  I also do tailoring, which is also a very unique quality, in that it allows you to customize a fit to the person, using all angles, and that's not just for men.  Women need tailoring as well, as a Tailor customizes the fit of a garment to the wearer of the garment.  A Seamstress is one that just sews garments from a pattern.

I guess I consider myself both, as I will utilize a pattern to sew my garment's for the most part, but also a Tailor, since I can customize the garment a client already has to their particular figure from all angles.  And the more I learn about the terminology of both, the more it encourages me to be the best at what I do.  That is just making garments scream at the person looking at me or the wearer that "I stand out", because my garment fits "ME!!!"

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