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Monday, October 22, 2012

New Changes

Whew !!!!  it's been a very long year.  If anyone remembers, I aided my husband through 3 major surgeries last year.  He had both knees replaced and his left hip.  He has finally been back to work now and catching up on his stamina.  He is my new bionic man....

In the meantime I worked on perfecting my jewelry making techniques and skills, along with making a new website.  Here are a few pics of some new creations.  I am really enjoying making accessory pieces to go with my outfits, or for others.  My daughter wears all my creations, and is getting me orders now.  I still am working on alterations, and have several customers now that are regular.  I really want to continue with the blog to provide some tutorials for all my projects either sewing or designing some accessory pieces.  So hopefully you will continue to take a peek, and I can inspire others to share as well....

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