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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Cute

I know I have been quite absent for a bit, but I have so much to catch up on and will be sharing with all of you over the next few posts....

The latest project I just finished is from a new client who needed a gown resized for a formal function her church was putting on and she asked for matching tuxedo shirts for her husband and two small boys...  Whew, alot of work but I loved how they turned out.  I am the happiest ever tho, as the shirts fit perfectly and the client was so happy.  I just love how little boy's clothes can be so cute !!!  Don't you agree?

I am still waiting for an upload of pictures from her of them all dressed up as a family at her funcion, so as soon as I get them I will upload them for all to see...

I used a standard dress shirt pattern for each size, added the ruffles she wanted on the front of each.  The pattern I used for the men's shirt was a vintage pattern passed on to me from a friend that no longer sew's, I just love using older patterns, they are so fun....  I can't wait to see this client again, as she has another project for me to make a retro dress for her Thanksgiving dinner.  I have several of them, but she is just checking out some other's first, so once we decide on that, I will be sharing as well yet another project.

But here is a pic of the two boy's shirts finished hanging up.  Are they not the cutest ever? 

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  1. The shirts are very,very, cute!

    Glad to see you back!